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Data Visualization Developer at the Science Data Visualization Group, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Software development for visualization of planetary and Earth observation missions. Currently working on image processing, geolocation and visualization software for Solar System and Earth remote sensing observations.

Until January/2016, post doctoral researcher at Department of Physics and Astronomy, Northern Arizona University.

Main areas of recent work

  • Remote Sensing
    • Software development for processing and visualization of remote sensing observations.
      • Georeferencing of observations, generation of derived products, development of automated pipelines and interactive data browsers
      • One of the developers of OMINAS, a suite of tools for instrument-independent processing of remote sensing observations of Solar System bodies.
      • Development of visualizations of Near-Real-Time AIRS data.
      • Development of planning tools for the MAIA instrument
      • Development of planning tools for the WISPR instrument to fly on the Parker Solar Probe.
  • Planetary Sciences
    • Development of databases of remote sensing observations of Solar System bodies.
      • One such project, under development, is the online version of titanbrowse, for exploration, processing and visualization of observations of Titan and other bodies.
    • Development pp_ssvo, of a database of all archived observations of all small Solar System bodies.
    • Photometry of small Solar System bodies from archived observations, to obtain colors from the UV to the IR, for a better classification and characterization of large numbers of objects.
    • Detection and characterization of faint TNO (Trans-Neptunian Objects) in Hubble Space Telescope data, both from dedicated observations and from the Frontier Fields archived data.
    • Cassini VIMS and ground-based observations of Titan’s atmosphere and surface:
      • Determination of the temporal and spatial methane and haze variations on Titan’s atmosphere.
      • Analysis of VIMS observations of Titan’s surface and lower atmosphere, specially to characterize the occurrence of spectrally distinct features, their distribution and temporal variation.
  • Computational Astronomy
    • General software development for computational sciences, specially in IDL
    • Visualization
    • Databases
    • Data processing
    • Radiative transfer algorithms
    • System administration and software development for parallel computing on clusters and GPUs.


Some other works


University of Arizona
Ph. D., Planetary Sciences
Study of Titan’s methane cycle

Observatório Nacional
M. S., Astronomy
Estudo da distribuição do momento angular após a fragmentação de um asteróide reacumulado

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
B. S., Magna cum Laude, Astronomy
Elipsóides Interagentes: Um modelo para a fragmentação de um asteróide reacumulado


email: pp.penteado@gmail.com

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Short CV (English, Sep 2016)

Academic CV (English, Sep 2015)

Lattes CV (Portuguese, August 2016)



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Penteado, Paulo F.
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