Online access to titanbrowse

An online version, which will provide most of titanbrowse’s functionality, without the need to download or install any data, is under development and testing, and can be accessed here.


Java titanbrowse client


This is a demonstration prototype, under active development (Sep/2015). This has a few consequences:

  1. It only has a small set of the planned features. New features are currently under implementation.
  2. The (cheap) server currently in use has limited resources. It cannot handle many users at the same time, heavy processing in the queries, or a lot of data. There is only a very small amount of data in this server.
  3. The server may be taken offline for code updates and testing at any time.
  4. Not all functionality may have been properly tested and debugged.
  5. The server may be limited to 7-minute sessions (counted after you click “Connect” on the client).

How to launch it:

Currently there are two ways you can start it;

  1. This link for the Web Start application may work, depending on you browser and system Java settings. If your web browser asks what to do with the file, tell it to open with Java Web Start. Or save the file, then either double-click the file, open through the web browser, or open it from the command line (do `javaws launch.jnlp`).
  2. If you do not want to use Java Web Start, you can download the client here. Then, launch it by double-clicking the pp_jtitanbrowse.jar file, or from the command line (do `java -jar pp_titanbrowse.jar`).

It might be necessary to add titanbrowse’s domain ( to your Java’s exception site list (see